Miley Cyrus - We Can't Stop
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Can’t you stop for a steak, Miley?


Ok who the frick is Saltgrass Steakhouse and why are they bein sassy to Texas Roadhouse do I need to fight someone right now

Can’t we talk about this over a Saltgrass steak?


Saltgrass steakhouse sucks.

come to Runza, we don’t suck.

What the heckle is a Runza

Just got back from eating a delicious Saltgrass steak. You should try one, too!

Saltgrass.. more like swaggrass.

Saltgrass Steak House, a meme free environment




You may be lovin’ McDonald’s, but when you come to our steak house you’ll know what love truly means.

Saltgrass stop fucking with the wrong people.

Go away salt grass we have enough steak here

Sorry, we thought it was about time for some good steak.




I’ve never even heard of Salt Grass? It’s probably because they are 100% irrelevant 

Only those who are truly swaggy have been presented the opportunity to taste a delicious Saltgrass steak. Too bad you have to miss out.

Shut up lol your food & blog are horrible. 

You wanna go?? Right here, right now??
Ok let’s go to Saltgrass

Just got back from the jungle, or was that McDonald’s? Hmm.